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Do you need to replace your Windscreen or another vehicle window?

You need look no further. The people at Repair Glass will always go the extra mile to fix your problem promptly and cost-effectively.

  • All broken windscreens replaced professionally. We also replace side and rear auto glass panes.
  • We come to you and all work is done on-site, at your convenience, by trained and experienced fitment teams.
  • We handle insurance claims and do all claim-related admin for you.


To get a prompt response and a quick quote, please fill in the short form just below this. All your details will go straight to the Repair Glass offices, we'll check our stock for your requirements and call you back.


(You're welcome to call us during office hours if you'd prefer not to fill in the form, but it helps if we know what you're looking for before we chat to you.)


Request for Quotation form

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as well as the make and model of your vehicle:

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A dozen good reasons for using Repair Glass
  1. Repair Glass will make your auto glass repair or replacement faster and easier.
  2. We know that being without your car is really inconvenient, so we solve your auto glass problems by coming to your home or office. All work is done on-site, by appointment, at your convenience.
  3. Auto glass is a critical component of your vehicle, so a competent installation with the correct glass is important for your safety. All broken windscreens are replaced efficiently and safely by trained and experienced fitment teams.
  4. We handle insurance claims, and do all the claim-related admin for you.
  5. We can replace any piece of glass on any make and model of vehicle.
  6. We will replace your auto glass almost anywhere in the Gauteng and Rustenburg areas with a free mobile service to your home or office. If we do not have service in your area, we will put you in touch with a company that does.
  7. Installations can usually be arranged during working hours on the same or the next day at your home or work, from Monday to Friday. Often emergency Saturday services can be arranged although there will be an after hours callout fee.
  8. At Repair Glass we constantly focus our efforts on providing quick and convenient commercial, residential, and auto glass solutions.
  9. Repair Glass is family-owned and operated; we take pride in providing personal, hands-on glass replacement and repair services.
  10. Because we don't have the overheads of the big guys, Repair Glass offers quality glass services at extremely competitive prices.
  11. If your windscreen doesn't need replacing, we'll tell you upfront; then we'll repair any chips before a crack spreads and the windscreen does need replacing.
  12. We also offer fleet inspections and ongoing glass maintenance to bus companies and other businesses with vehicle fleets.






Contact Repair Glass owner and manager, Ken Carter, for:

  • A prompt response
  • Personal, hands-on service
  • Active problem-solving
  • 30 years experience in the glass industry
  • Well-trained fitment teams
  • Serving the Witwatersrand and Rustenburg areas of South Africa.


Phone  011 036 6133


Fax  0866 592 356




Postal Address  Repair Glass,
      P O Box 167190





Privacy Policy

Any information you submit on this site will only be used to respond to your enquiry. We will not share your information with any other party unless you want us to refer you to another glass fitment company. We certainly will never give or sell your information to any list builder or address harvester.


You are welcome to email your enquiry if you prefer, but please include all the details requested in the Enquiry form.